SENG 330

Undergraduate Course, University Of Victoria, Department of Computer Science, 2020

Object Oriented Development

See the HEAT course syllabus for all mark weights and course policies, textbooks, etc. The syllabus also contains the important information on course communication and schedules.

Course content will be in the form of videos, hosted on the Brightspace site and readings from the textbook.


  • Aspects of object-oriented analysis, design and development.
  • Definition and comparison of object-oriented metrics.
  • Overview of classical functional metrics and their effectiveness in measuring productivity for management or design quality of OO-systems.
  • Verification methods for OO-software and how it differs from functional design testing.
  • Maintenance and reuse issues.


The current schedule is on Brightspace. Lecture notes - including links to videos and notes on what we discuss Tues/Wed - are available in course/lectures/


See exercises/ for details on exercises.


Please use MSFT Teams to message the TA first with programming questions. Direct personal issues to


The class will use Github and Microsoft Teams. Students will have to register their Github username (either a permanent one or a throwaway) with the instructors. Those with an objection to using Github please contact the instructor for workarounds. All Github activity is private to the class organization. Please see the privacy notice on the Brightspace site.

Teams will be the primary mechanism used for communication in the class. My rationale (apart from being tools used in practice) is to expose the class as a whole to questions about assignment and lectures.

Grades and Videos are distributed via Brightspace for privacy compliance.

University and department policies on professional conduct and integrity are applicable. Feel free to see me in person, or via UVic email, for personal questions.