Real-time face recognition using machine learning

Published in International Journal of Sciences and Technology, 2019

This paper is about performing real time face recognition using convoluted neural networks. Face Recognition is one of the process of identifying people using their face, it has various applications like authentication systems, surveillance systems and law enforcement. Convolutional Neural Networks are proved to be best for facial recognition. Detecting faces using core-ml api and processing the extracted face through a coreML model, which is trained to recognise specific persons. The creation of dataset is done by converting face videos of the persons to be recognised into Hundreds of images of person, which is further used for training and validation of the model to provide accurate real-time results. Read more

Recommended citation: Rohith Pudari, Sunil Bhutada, Sai Pavan. (2019). "Realtime face recognition using CNN." International Journal of Sciences and Technology 2019.