Hi! I’m Rohith, a computer science grad student working on software engineering problems with machine learning. I try to make computers as intelligent as humans. My ideal world would be computers helping humans in every way to make every human life on earth (for now just earth) as pleasant as possible. I empirically study how we know what we know, using qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods to holistically investigate the computer systems that support the production of knowledge with the help of Data. I have a particular focus on Open tech communities and institutions, such as open source software (eg: Tensorflow, Pytorch), scientific research and publications, peer production platforms(eg: stackoverflow), and social media sites.

Most of my previous work has focused on machine learning systems, where I’ve spent time researching the people and algorithms that produce and maintain a software which can predict the future data as accurately as possible. I’ve also worked on recommendation systems, summary generations and face recognition. I study topics including data mining, Governance, risk and compliance of software systems. As today’s world is increasingly made possible through software systems, my work also is deeply concerned with how the design of software tools and automated systems intersect with all of these issues.

I received my bachelors in technology from Sreenidhi institute of science and technology specialising in Information Technology. In terms of academic specialties, I spend a lot of my time in the fields of Science and Technology Studies, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. I often use more statistical forms of analysis to contextualise and further support more qualitative approaches, frequently collaborating with people from other disciplines without any boundaries. I frequently speak at conferences and events bout my research and also about computers and their capabilities, and I also contribute to open source projects with various groups, organisations, and companies.

Latest news and Updates about Me:

-January-2020: Speaker for a workshop on NLP at a university.
-December-2020: Gave a Webinar on NLP at Pluriza Workshops (Watch recording here).
-September-2020: Starting my Grad Studies in Computer Science.
-August-2020: My BlogPost got featured in OpenMined Blog. click here to see..
-March-2020: Attended Tensorflow Developer Summit (Live Session).
-December-2019: Gave Talk on “Python Skills for AI” at Facebook Developer Circles, Hyderabad.
-November-2019: Gave Talk on “Flow Inside Tensorflow” at B V Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.